Floyd Godfrey, PhD


Dedicated to shining light on the complex issues of Sexualized Attachments, Pornography Addiction, and Sex Addiction, Dr. Floyd Godfrey’s books offer a deep dive into the psyche of young men grappling with these challenges. He spent his entire career as a licensed clinical counselor and is now a passionate mental health coach. “Godfrey combines his vast experience with a writing style that is both personal and professional, making his insights relatable and actionable.”

Dr. Godfrey’s bestselling work, “Healing and Recovery,” focuses on young men with sexualized attachments. This book epitomizes his commitment to assisting young men in their recovery. Despite his modesty about accolades, his groundbreaking methodologies and insights have transformed the treatment of sexualized attachments and pornography addiction. His books are invaluable, assisting young men seeking guidance and professionals in the field. He has also written parents and mentor guides to help anyone wishing to understand the issues better.

Healing & Recovery

Perspective for Young Men with Sexualized Attachments

Many heterosexual young men get discouraged and confused by symptoms of sexualized attachments. Not only might they experience depression, anxiety, addiction, or other mental health challenges, but also confusion about sexuality, identity, and orientation. This workbook is designed to help young men develop clarity and self-awareness around these issues and find a pathway for healing and recovery in their lives.

* French, Polish and Spanish available Summer 2024.