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Why Your Teenage Son Hesitates to Disclose His Pornography Addiction

Floyd Godfrey, PhD

The deep silence that shrouds the issue of pornography addiction among teenagers, particularly sons, is heavily laden with shame. This shame, a pervasive feeling of being intrinsically flawed or unworthy of connection, starkly contrasts with guilt. Where guilt is the discomfort felt over a particular deed, shame insidiously whispers, "I am the problem." Recognizing this critical difference is essential to comprehend the profound difficulty teenagers face in revealing their battles with pornography addiction.

The Role of Family Dynamics

The dynamics within a family significantly influence how teenagers cope with internal conflicts. In families where open conversations and vulnerability are discouraged, or where sexuality is a taboo topic, teenagers are more inclined to conceal their struggles with pornography. This lack of open communication can unintentionally affirm to the teenager that their experiences should remain hidden, perpetuating a cycle of shame and silence.

Parental Discomfort and Its Consequences

For numerous parents, initiating or partaking in discussions about pornography is fraught with discomfort. This awkwardness is easily detected by teenagers, who then feel equally uneasy about raising the subject. This shared discomfort erects a barrier to frank dialogue, isolating the teenager with their addiction, devoid of parental support and guidance.

The Fear of Punishment and Judgement

A significant barrier to disclosure is the fear of punishment and judgment. The apprehension of facing negative consequences, whether through punitive measures or a loss of trust, can be incredibly daunting. This fear is magnified by the societal stigma attached to pornography addiction, leaving teenagers fearful of the judgment they might encounter from their parents, peers, and other adults.

Towards Healing and Recovery

Despite these hurdles, there is a pathway to healing and recovery. The Family Strategies Counseling Center, through initiatives like the Band of Brothers for teens and SABR for adults, stands at the forefront of delivering compassionate, evidence-based care for individuals grappling with pornography and sexual addiction. Our approach is holistic, combining educational and therapeutic strategies tailored to the unique needs of teenagers.


Addressing pornography addiction requires a concerted effort from families, educators, and mental health professionals. By creating an environment where teenagers can share their struggles without fear of judgment or punishment, we can facilitate their journey towards healing and recovery. It is through empathy, understanding, and dedicated support that we can assist our teenagers in overcoming their challenges. Hope and recovery are within reach, and with the right support, transformation is possible.

Floyd Godfrey, PhD is a Clinical Sexologist and a Certified Sex Addiction Specialist. He has been guiding clients since 2000 and currently speaks and provides consulting and mental health coaching across the globe. To learn more about Floyd Godfrey, PhD please visit his website: www.FloydGodfrey.comTop of Form


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