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Prevalence of Pornography Addiction in Various Regions Around the World

By Floyd Godfrey, PhD

North America

In North America, especially in the United States, the prevalence of pornography is quite high, with studies indicating varied usage among different demographics. According to a survey, 58% of Americans have watched pornography at least once, and 27% watched it in the past month. Young adults, particularly those aged 18-34, are the most frequent users, with 57% seeking out pornography monthly or more often. Men are significantly more likely than women to view pornography, which reflects broader trends in media consumption and gender behaviors (Ballard Brief, 2023).

South America

Research on pornography usage in South America is less comprehensive, but available studies suggest a more moderate engagement compared to North America. Cultural and religious influences play a significant role in shaping attitudes toward pornography, potentially leading to lower reported rates of consumption. The social stigma associated with pornography in many South American cultures can influence the reliability of self-reported data, making it difficult to accurately assess the true prevalence.

Western Europe

Western Europe generally exhibits a liberal attitude towards pornography, similar to North America. However, the prevalence can vary significantly from one country to another, influenced by local cultures and legal frameworks. For instance, countries like the Netherlands have very liberal attitudes towards pornography, while others may have more conservative views that affect consumption patterns.

Eastern Europe

In Eastern Europe, pornography consumption is typically lower than in Western Europe and North America. This region often features more conservative societal norms and stricter regulations, which can influence both the availability of and attitudes towards pornography. Cultural conservatism in many Eastern European countries may lead to lower reported rates of pornography usage.

Data on pornography usage in Africa is sparse, and the topic is often considered taboo. Cultural and religious norms across the continent contribute to a generally conservative stance towards pornography. Where data is available, it often shows significantly lower consumption rates compared to Western contexts, though the influence of increasing internet accessibility is changing old patterns and behaviors.


Australia's patterns of pornography consumption are comparable to those of other Western nations. A relatively high proportion of the population engages with pornography, influenced by the country's liberal legal and cultural views on sexual media. However, as in other regions, concerns about the effects of pornography on mental health and relationships are increasingly discussed in public discourse.

Russia and China

Both Russia and China have strict regulations against pornography, with significant legal and social penalties for its distribution and consumption. These restrictions greatly reduce the official prevalence rates, though underground or illegal consumption still exists. The strong governmental control over media in these countries makes it difficult to obtain reliable data on pornography usage.


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