Floyd Godfrey, PhD


Adult Support for Christian Boys Fighting Against Pornography Addiction

By Dr. Floyd Godfrey


The Importance of Parental Oversight

For many Christian teenage boys, the concept of having parents or guardians "check" their phones might seem intrusive or embarrassing. However, in the digital age where temptations are just a click away, having adult accountability can play a pivotal role in making safer choices. Think of your phone as a tool that can either help or harm you, depending on how it's used. When parents, mentors, or youth pastors are involved, they can offer guidance and support, helping you navigate through content that might be harmful or lead you away from the values you cherish. Their experience and wisdom are invaluable in recognizing potential dangers and providing advice on how to avoid them.

Adult Support in Overcoming Addiction

If you're struggling with pornography, it's essential to understand that overcoming this challenge is significantly more manageable with adult support. Pornography addiction can be isolating, making you feel trapped in a cycle of guilt and secrecy. By opening up to a trusted adult, you're not only sharing the burden but also accessing resources and strategies that can aid in your recovery. Parents, mentors, and youth pastors can provide not just emotional support, but also practical steps towards freedom. They can help set boundaries, find professional help if needed, and offer a listening ear without judgment.

Tackling the Embarrassment

The thought of discussing something as personal as pornography with an adult can be daunting. However, remember that the embarrassment is temporary, while the benefits of seeking help can last a lifetime. Overcoming this hurdle is a brave step towards maturity and growth. It's about recognizing that everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone has the courage to seek help and change their path. Your parents, mentors, and youth pastors are there to guide and support you, not to shame or condemn. They have your best interests at heart and understand the challenges of growing up in today's world.

The Supportive Role of Parents and Mentors

Adults in your life, be they parents, mentors, or youth pastors, are not overseers but allies in your journey towards making wiser choices. Their life experiences have equipped them with insights that can be invaluable to you. Whether it's setting up content filters, discussing strategies for avoiding temptation, or simply being there to talk, their support is crucial. These adults can serve as your sounding board, offering advice grounded in faith and practical wisdom, helping you navigate the complexities of adolescence.

Words of Encouragement

For those of you wrestling with pornography addiction, know that you're not alone. This journey might seem daunting, but with faith, support, and the right tools, overcoming addiction is possible. Remember, seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness. It's a step towards living a life aligned with your values and beliefs. Let your parents, mentors, and youth pastors be your guide and support. Together, you can face this challenge and emerge stronger, wiser, and more resilient.

Dr. Floyd Godfrey is a clinical sexologist and has been guiding clients since 2000 who struggle with pornography and sexual addiction. He is a founder of the SABR program for adults, Tribe for college, and Band of Brothers for teens at the Family Strategies Counseling Center, serving families in the area of Scottsdale and Mesa, Arizona. He currently speaks and provides consulting and mental health coaching across the globe. To learn more about his services, please visit his website: www.FloydGodfrey.com.

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