Floyd Godfrey, PhD

Mental Health

Coach · Consultant · Educator

floyd godfrey

Dr. Godfrey provides Mental Health Coaching and Consulting for individuals and mental health providers around the globe. He speaks and educates groups, churches, and mental health providers on issues related to mental health and human sexuality.


Dr. Godfrey is a Clinical Sexologist, Certified Christian Counselor, a Certified Sex Addiction Specialist Supervisor, and a Certified Mental Health Coach. He previously worked as a Licensed Professional Counselor for 23 years, and an approved supervisor with the Board of Behavioral Health. He received his education from Arizona State University, Ottawa University, and the International Institute for Clinical Sexology. Dr. Godfrey worked for nine years with the City of Tempe Social Services, as a supervisor assisting school-age children and their families. He has worked in a variety of mental health settings both as a professional and within church ministry.


Dr. Godfrey is a member of SASH (Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health) and the AACC (American Association of Christian Counselors). He is often known for research and intervention with those who struggle with sexualized attachments and eroticized emotions. His recently published book is entitled: “Healing & Recovery – Perspective for Young Men with Sexualized Attachments”. You can read more about his research on this topic at: sexualizedattachments.com.


Dr. Godfrey maintains a Biblical-worldview of Christian living and believes that faith in God is important for spiritual growth and healing.

Mental Health Coaching

  • Sex/Porn Addiction
  • Adolescent Porn Addiction
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Juvenile Sex Offender Behavior
  • Sex Education
  • Identity/Gender Confusion
  • Sexualized Attachments
  • Unwanted Same Sex Attraction
  • Faith & Sexuality
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Professional Consultation

  • Clinical Mental Health (listed above)
  • Human Sexuality
  • Business Development
  • Executive Management
  • Clinical Systems Development
  • Supervision and Oversight
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Team-Building
  • Collaboration Techniques
  • Presentation Skills

What It’s Like To Work With Dr. Godfrey

"I’ve worked with Floyd Godfrey for a number of years and am always impressed by his skills, knowledge, wisdom and compassion. He possesses a “tool bag” full of different modalities and experiences, and seems to know which ones to use in the appropriate moment. I highly recommend him."


"Over the past 5 years I have received counsel from Floyd Godfrey…resulting in a great deal of resolution from trauma, as well as better understanding how to respond to shame. I’m now able to pursue new healthy life"


Mental Health Coaching Professional Consultation

Dr. Godfrey is available for Mental Health Coaching and Professional Consultation. Click the button to schedule an appointment with Dr. Godfrey.

Educator / Speaker

Dr. Godfrey has extensive experience speaking to youth groups, congregations, and mental health professionals in a variety of settings. Topics vary depending upon the needs of the group. If you are interested in having Dr. Godfrey speak to your group or organization, please use the link below and click on “contact” under his name.

Speaking History

  • “Program Development for Adolescent Males with Compulsive Pornography Problems,” AACC Global Summit, 2023 – Presenter.
  • “Ethics in Counseling,” Grand Canyon University, 2022, Adjunct Professor.
  • “Therapeutic Approach for Adolescents Harmed by Pornography Exposure, 2021, Global Summit – Presenter.
  • “Programming for Adolescent Males with Problematic Sexual Behavior,” 2021 SASH National Conference – Presenter.
  • “Adolescent Problematic Sexual Behavior and Ethical Concerns,” 2020, IITAP International Symposium – Presenter.
  • “Utilizing Psychodramatic Techniques with Adult Male Sex Addicts,” 2017, LifeSTAR International Conference – Presenter.
  • “Homosexuality and Etiological Considerations,” 2013, United Nations (selected delegates), NY – Presenter.
  • “Homosexuality and Sexualized Attachments Theory,” 2015, Western Europe – Presenter.
  • “Understanding Homosexuality,” 2013, Family Watch International, selected U.N. delegates – Presenter.
  • “Homosexuality and Etiological Concerns,” 2017, St. Lucia Governmental Affairs, St. Lucia – Presenter.
  • “Recovery Dropout Issues for Sexual Addiction and Homosexuality Symptomology,” 2011, Evergreen International, UT – Presenter.
  • “Understanding Homosexuality,” 2012-2013, Alliance for Therapeutic Choice, Conference, UT – Presenter.
  • “Adolescent Suicide Prevention,” 2017, various Phoenix East Valley schools – Presenter.
  • “Sexual Abuse Recognition & Pornography Exposure,” 2020, East Valley Workshop – Presenter.
  • “Adulting is Crazy,” 2021, Young Adult Mental Health Forum – Presenter.
  • “Betrayal Trauma is Not Codependency,” 2019, Celebrate Recovery Leaders Inservice – Presenter.
  • “Parenting Children Prematurely Exposed to Pornography,” 2023, Foster Arizona Conference – Presenter.
  • “The Four Different Types of Child Abuse,” 2022, Chandler Unified School District Podcast – Guest.
  • “Understanding Adolescent Pornography Addiction,” IFTCC 9th Annual Conference, 2023 – Presenter.
  • “Homosexuality as a Symptom of Sexualized Attachments,” IFTCC 9th Annual Conference, 2023 – Presenter.
  • Lighthouse Ministry, 2011-2013, Community Church – Facilitator (Sexual Brokenness Recovery Group for Families and Individuals).
  • Brothers Road, 2002-2015, – Volunteer Facilitator, international men’s retreat, overcoming sexual brokenness.
  • “Sexual Addiction & Betrayal Recovery,” SABR program, Phase One course, Instructor 2005- 2021.
  • “Betrayal Trauma versus Codependency in Women,” 2017, Celebrate Recovery, Community Church – Speaker.
  • “Adolescent Sexual Addiction,” Band of Brothers program, Author, Facilitator 2008-2023.
  • “Parenting Teen Boys with Pornography Problems,” Band of Brothers Parenting group, Author and Instructor, 2008-2021.
  • Adventure in Manhood, Facilitator (Self Esteem Adventure Camp), Author and Facilitator.
  • “Responding to Teens Struggling with Homosexuality,” 2015-2017, Phoenix Catholic Diocese – Speaker.
  • “Understanding Sexualized Attachments,” 2013-2015, Arizona Christian University, Guest Speaker.
  • “Harms of Adolescent Use of Pornography,” 2013, Celebrate Recovery & The Landing, Guest Speaker.
  • “Healing Shame that Promotes Addiction,” 2010, Sex Addicts Anonymous, Guest Speaker.
  • “Moving on from Hurt,” 2023, LDS Institute of Religion – Presenter.
  • “Using Psychodrama Techniques for Sex Addicts Treatment,” 2022, SABR Inservice Training – Presenter.
  • “Teens & Pornography: Social, Emotional and Spiritual Impact,” 2022, Arizona Education Conference – Presenter.
  • “Behavior Management for School-Age,” 1996, City of Tempe Kid Zone Programming – Presenter.
  • “Responding to the Discovery of Seual Abuse,” 2022, Chandler Unified School District Podcast – Guest.